New World: Imarcia

Announcing a new world:

Humid and hot, there are few places in Imarcia where the land becomes frozen. The rains come down often year round, with only a slight slackening during brief wintery seasons. The land is fertile, in plant and in herds.

Yet, despite that, the people live in metal covered cities, with only a day’s ride in all directions tilled and managed about them. They live hidden from the elements. Hidden from the rain. Above their heads, within their walls, the filters purr to life with each rainfall, sifting out the dangers of the rains that fall upon their land.

For on Imarcia, the rains kill…

Story announcement to follow :)

For the most part, stories set within these Worlds will likely all be indie published. All of my stand alone (or stand alone at-the-moment) stories are always subbed out to traditional markets, though if I write a short enough story set within one of these Worlds and I feel it might have a chance out there, I’d sub it as well (unlikely–though now that I say that I’m sure it will happen).

Regardless, everything is now listed in my bibliography page. Everything. It’s going to get long, which is why I decided it best to put the trad story sales at the top and showcase indie work by putting complete descriptions under the World the story took place in.

Ahh. Feeling free to write whatever I want is wonderful.

Also, Dara England created the new header that you see at the top of the page. I love it :)

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