Temperate and diverse, Emencia is flourishing, its people living in all corners of the continents. But though these people inhabit the earth of Emencia, something else inhabits the secondary world, the Maur, that surrounds them.

Ribbons. They float, seemingly unconcerned with the whole of Emencia. Yet, they respond to thoughts, to emotions, to characteristics and behavior. They are power in raw form and can be used by those living upon Emencia.

Or abused, as the case may be…

The Complete Collection

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As a Navadin Council Investigator, Aly doesn’t have a lot of options. At least not any that matter. Yet, when her new partner, Sevori, starts pushing boundaries he shouldn’t, she begins to suspect he might be onto something.

From a castle with a mind of its own to a convoluted city hiding a dangerous burner, from a forest seeming almost alive to a small town in desperate need of saving, Aly and Sevori are sent all over the country of Emnik on assignment. Between a seer using broken ribbons to a runaway shifter, between pirates, children and the impressively skilled aged, they must fight.

Or discover a way to choose not to…

This collection includes the ten stories: RibbonSight, Castle of the Corpse, Span of Imitators, Finding the Ribboned Snakes, Home for a Shifter, The Burner in Us All, Fragmented Seer, A Moving Evaluation, Only Council Aid and Pirate Mirror. Specific Story Descriptions Found Here

Cover Illustration & Design Copyright © Paul Pederson