RibbonSight Short Story Series

As a Navadin Council Investigator, Aly doesn’t have a lot of options. At least not any that matter. Yet, when her new partner, Sevori, starts pushing boundaries he shouldn’t, she begins to suspect he might be onto something.


RibbonSight (RibbonSight Series #1) – In Drasion, where the ribbons have been ripped to shreds, Aly and Sevori are after a seer. That is, until Sevori decides to show Aly the laxness in the Council’s orders. Then, she hasn’t a clue what they’re after…or how to fight it.

Castle of the Corpse (RibbonSight Series #2) When Madnadi Castle suddenly seems to get a mind of its own, the new Lord Ruler of the county requests the Council’s assistance. Aly and Sevori arrive to find the situation a little stickier, and a whole lot smellier, then they’d anticipated. And to make matters worse, it wasn’t even their job to begin with.

Span of Imitators (RibbonSight Series #3) – After essentially stealing a job from another Investigator pairing, Aly and Sevori find the Council’s weaves reacting more than they’d expected. Even more disturbing is now they’re forced to take on a skilled imitator…one who can make them deaf, blind and dumb to even each other.

Finding the Ribboned Snakes (RibbonSight Series #4) Just by being in Navadin puts Aly on edge, so when she and Sevori are thrown an almost meaningless job, she attempts to get a little revenge for his earlier experimenting. What she didn’t expect was to discover something exceedingly important about the Council’s weaves in the process.

Home for a Shifter (RibbonSight Series #5) A student, one who’d been brought to the Council by Sevori, runs back to his family after managing to find a way to keep his memories despite the Council’s weaves. Aly and Sevori are sent to retrieve him as per their written orders…but she is given an extra order, one that could easily lead to dire consequences.

The Burner in Us All (RibbonSight Series #6)When Aly and Sevori are summoned for their next assignment they are shocked to discover they are in trouble because of a deal gone bad with another pair of Investigators. Now, with anger smoldering in their hearts, they attempt to prove themselves to the Council while managing the doubts that flare up within them both.

Fragmented Seer (RibbonSight Series #7) For the second time in less than a year, Aly and Sevori find themselves back in Drasion for a job. This time Aly came prepared to work among the broken and volatile frags, but what she didn’t count on was the sudden inability to see her own ribbons.

 A Moving Evaluation (RibbonSight Series #8) During a simple evaluation job, Aly and Sevori find themselves in a position to bend the Council’s orders. However, to do so they will not only have to trust relative strangers with their lives, but also get rid of another pesky Investigator pair who decides to lend an unwanted hand.

Only Council Aid (RibbonSight Series #9)After receiving a frantic message, Aly and Sevori rush to help another pair in a nearby town. They arrive to find the town in the midst of being destroyed and the townspeople defenseless against the attacking mage. A mage so skilled it might be beyond Aly and Sevori’s abilities to save everyone.

Pirate Mirror (RibbonSight Series #10) – During a teamed assignment to take out a crew of raiding Eatari pirates, Aly finds herself alone, fighting a burner whose abilities resemble her own. Now, with this mage literally burning down her neck, Aly finally starts to realize the very real hope in Sevori’s questions, but it could be far too late to matter for this burner isn’t just her equal…he’s better.

To Keep the Past  (A RibbonSight Companion Novella)

This novella takes place between the events of Home for a Shifter (RibbonSight #5) and The Burner in Us All (RibbonSight #6).

– Forthcoming