Humid and hot, the world of Imarcia has few places where the land becomes frozen. The rains often fall year round, with only a slight slackening during brief wintery seasons. The land is fertile, in both plants and herds.

Yet, despite that, the people live in metal covered cities, with only a day’s ride in all directions tilled and managed about them. They live hidden from the elements. Hidden from the rain. Above their heads, within their walls, the filters purr to life with each rainfall, sifting out the dangers of the rains that fall upon their land.

For on Imarcia, the rains kill . . .

The Rains of Imarcia

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On the world of Imarcia, the rains kill. Where they don’t, they drive people to horrid lengths in their desperation for survival.

When Windrunner Sey arrives to help stave off an impending war between two Imarcian cities, she unknowingly upsets the plans of Rainwatcher Namaru. As she fights to bring about peace, Namaru is already progressing with another course of action, one that might leave only the rains as the victor . . .

Cover Art Copyright © by Stephanie Mooney