(Or Things You May Not Have Wanted to Know)

I went to bed with a miniature dictionary (I still have it) before I was school aged. I’ve been reading since kindergarten (that is when they teach it) and writing stories since first grade (it was a requirement). I borrowed (more like stole…temporarily) books from sisters and hid them under my pillow. It made me sleep better.

I got my sex education from Jean Auel, my illusion of horses from Mercedes Lackey (they really smell) and my understanding that so many words can have double meanings from Piers Anthony (seriously, who knew there was a good side effect from reading puns?).

I have a wonderful honey who has stopped trying to keep up with my brain when I talk (though he pretends), a son who thinks ABC’s are god’s greatest creation (he’s filling his own spiderman notebook now!), and a daughter who steals my notebooks and pens (and refuses to give them back)!

Mostly I make shit up. Sometimes it’s funny, mostly it’s happy, rarely it’s sad. Occasionally I get paid for it. Greatest job in the world. (I only say that cause I don’t get paid to be a mother.)

I’m still trying to figure out how to move to the Emerald City and catch a fire lizard of my very own.  Email me at if you have tips for either.