Short Stories

The Pop-up Artisan of Drink Me Cafe
• Cast of Wonders (Oct 4 2020)

Cessation of Civilization
DreamForge Magazine (Dec 2019)

I Thought Them Starlight
• Flame Tree Press Newsletter (July 1 2019)

The Wyrd for Water is Water
Daily Science Fiction (Jan 10 2013)

Shades of Amber
Beneath Ceaseless Skies (May 17 2012)

Daily Science Fiction (Nov 25 2011)

Bleeding Sky
• Pill Hill Press The Four Horsemen (Apr 2010)

The Fleetness of Love
• The Enchanted Conversation (Apr 11 2010)

A Bauble For Your Thoughts
The Lorelei Signal (Jan 2010)

When the Spring’s Heart is Broken
• Emerald Tales: Winter Solstice Special (Dec 21 2009)

Statues of the Sea Witch
• Emerald Tales: Masks/Appearances can be Deceiving (Nov 1 2009)


Of Woven Wood
Writers of the Future, Vol. XXVIII (Spring 2012)