Short Stories

Cessation of Civilization
DreamForge Magazine (forthcoming 2019)

The Wyrd for Water is Water
Daily Science Fiction (Jan 10 2013)

Shades of Amber
Beneath Ceaseless Skies (May 17 2012)

Daily Science Fiction (Nov 25 2011)

Bleeding Sky
• Pill Hill Press The Four Horsemen (Apr 2010)

The Fleetness of Love
• The Enchanted Conversation (Apr 11 2010)

A Bauble For Your Thoughts
The Lorelei Signal (Jan 2010)

When the Spring’s Heart is Broken
• Emerald Tales: Winter Solstice Special (Dec 21 2009)

Statues of the Sea Witch
• Emerald Tales: Masks/Appearances can be Deceiving (Nov 1 2009)


Of Woven Wood
Writers of the Future, Vol. XXVIII (Spring 2012)