Eligibility Post 2022!

It’s been an absolute wild, amazing year! 10 original stories published, all to some fantastic magazines! Plus a reprint of my Writers of the Future winning story from many years ago got new life in an online format as well.

Of my 10 stories eligible for the Nebula and Hugo (and others, plus in a few cases the Stoker and Ursa Major, etc), I’ve organized them by putting easily available to read online stories first.

If you only have time to read one or two stories, please, please choose the first ones in the list as they are the ones most likely to be considered, based on length, reader response thus far, and the fact that they’re free-to-read.

1) “Your Space Between”

This story, about a family tragedy dealing with sub-par technology, has made the Nebula Reading List for 2022! I have been informed that it has broken hearts, but I assure you that those hearts are broken in a really beautiful way <3 It’s a soft sci-fi drama, content warning: death of a child. It was given some nice comments in Locus and was reviewed by Maria Haskins!

Published in Apex Magazine / short story

2) “Turn to Stone Ourselves”

My take on gargoyles, who house the souls of the dead in this world, that deals with how we represent the dead as statues after they are gone. It’s about a kindred-spirit relationship and the way people wish to have themselves portrayed in both life and death. It was also given some nice words in Locus!

Published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies / short story

3) “Delivery for 3C at Song View”

A woman with the passive ability to grant wishes must deal with the chaotic fallout of a casual wish one of her deliveries make. It’s both funny and serious, heart-warming and saddening, but ultimately a fun story that will leave you with a smile. It was reviewed by many, including Maria Haskins, Locus, Rebecca Treasure, Plot Hopes, and was M. A. Blanchard’s #sfstoryoftheday.

Published in Diabolical Plots / short story

4) “The Swift-footed Darling of the Rocks (Do NOT Actually Call Me That)”

A unicorn discovers her turf is being INVADED. How dare! This one is for those of you who need a smile. Plus, I’m pretty partial to that title. This story is also eligible also for furry/animal character awards such as the Ursa Major. This is my stabby unicorn story and I’m immensely proud of it. Cat Rambo called it “really cute”!

Published in Zooscape / short story

5) “All the Boys in the Sea”

A more somber story where traditions dictate a boy be sacrificed to the ocean each year in order to be blessed with fine catches and good winds, and what happens to the latest boy.

Published in Fireside Magazine / short story

6) “As the ‘Scrapers Cast Long Shadows”

A sci-fantasy story about a young orphan who has been abandoned within a world where spaceships must be grown from seed and nurtured carefully into ripeness. Was published in Space Fantasy’s inaugural issue!

Published in the new Space Fantasy Magazine / flash

7) “Instructions for Bottling Tornadoes: Please Read Before You Leave”

A list-style story dealing with an adoptive daughter who desperately wishes to discover the home she blew in from, and her mother’s love for her helping her to accomplish her goal.

Published in Flash Fiction Online / flash

8) “Her Mother, The Storm”

This story takes place among a people who can craft lightning, or “spark”, from their very skin and need this power in order to instigate their orchards to fruit. However, not everyone has the immense strength to do this within their vast orchards and it is the responsibility of the daughter of the previous Storm to find the next one who can take her place.

Published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies / short story

9) “All the Starlit Worlds I’ve Visited…Without You”

For this week (Dec 5-12th), you can read this story for free on Dark Matter’s Jukebox!

An emotional piece about a mother whose child is taken by the government on account of her inter-planetary job. There are the cutest little saturn-like planets that stand in as the scene breaks and I love them so much!!

Published in Dark Matter Magazine / short story

10) “A Hodgepodge House with Rooms to Spare”

A tiny piece about a house with numerous empty rooms, each with their own history of their inhabitants and the little girl who sings songs about people who don’t exist. This story is also eligible for the Stoker Award as it’s in the horror genre.

Published in Dark Recesses Press / flash

If you would like to receive a copy of any of these stories for purposes of awards reading, please use my contact form to request. Thank you!!

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