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“The Swift-Footed Darling of the Rocks (Do NOT Actually Call Me That)” published in Zooscape Zine!

My stabby unicorn story “The Swift-Footed Darling of the Rocks (Do NOT Actually Call Me That)” has been published in Zooscape Zine’s April 2022 issue!!

This is my second appearance in Zooscape (My story “Dance of Wood and Grace” was published in 2021 and has been nominated for an Ursa Major award in the short story category).

This new story is light-hearted and humorous, about a stabby unicorn who is, ahem, not exactly happy to have her domain terrorized by all those other twee unicorns who think she and her home need fixing. It’s about being able to be exactly who you are to the people who care. It’s also about rocks and moss and sandy ruins and is perfect for reading when you want to smile, or huff out a laugh.

You can read the story here on Zooscape’s site!

People have also said some very nice things about it :) which has prompted me to realize I need to start collecting quotes! That’s a thing I can DO now :) :) :) That’s a thing I SHOULD do!



Q2 2011 WotF Winners, etc…

I’m a bit behind, so a late congrats to the Q2 Writers of the Future Winners:

William Ledbetter 1st Place – from Texas
Nicholas Tchan 2nd Place – from Sydney, Australia
Corry L. Lee 3rd Place – from Washington

Glad to see a girl in there, so at least I know I won’t be the only one :) Of course, she’s probably got a bit more brains on me considering she’s just received her PhD in Physics…a subject I will admit I have only a limited grasp on. Why, yes, my piece was fantasy, can’t you read my heading? Heh.

In any case…Congrats guys!

In other news as catch up…

Working on putting RibbonSight together into a collection right now. Stumbling my way through a pod version through Createspace at the moment and will announce when things have finally come together and have been published.

Also working behind the scenes on more upgrades to my site. I don’t like the way my bibliography is all set up right now and have been working slowly on a new way to showcase my indie published work, partially to separate it from my traditional work, partially because I have grand plans…(don’t we all)…and a million novels to write.

And a third tiny announcement that isn’t really an announcement at all. More like the announcement that an announcement is coming…I know, I know. I’m a dork.


There’s something fun coming. At least, it was fun for me :)

Congrats to Q1 Illustrators

The Quarter 1 2011 Winners in the Illustrators of the Future Contest have been announced. Congrats to:

Hunter Bonyun from Alberta, Canada
Carly Trowbridge of Huntsville, Alabama
Greg Opalinski of Ridgewood, New York

Can’t wait to meet you next year :)

New Covers

Alright. While my stick figures are amazing, I have discovered that my cover skills…not so much. The content of my stories has never changed, but I think I’ve uploaded new covers for my RibbonSight series a total of six times now.

I think I’ve finally managed to get them looking like…well, book covers.

They’ve been uploaded to Amazon and Smashwords, though everywhere else will have a delay before they are updated. So now they have a whole new look, hopefully one that’s more professional in quality.

A Moving Evaluation: RibbonSight #8

The eighth short story (out of ten) in the RibbonSight Series has been published on Kindle and Smashwords and is now available for $0.99.

A Moving Evaluation: RibbonSight #8 

During a simple evaluation job, Navadin Council Investigators Aly and Sevori find themselves in a position to bend the Council’s orders. However, to do so they will not only have to trust relative strangers with their lives, but also get rid of another pesky Investigator pair who decides to lend an unwanted hand.

On Kindle

On Smashwords