E-Publishing Experience

I have to say, the learning curve is steep. However, there is (thank god) a decline after a while.

It’s painful, just as anything new is, but it’s the good sort of pain. The kind of pain that makes you grow. Whether as a person, or simply to increase your knowledge base. Both are beneficial.

So, while I still have three more in the RibbonSight series to publish to complete my first real experience with e-pubbing, I can already say I’ve learned a great deal.

Editing, formatting, covers…re-formatting cause I realized I got crap wrong…re-doing covers (twice /sigh) cause I kept messing up the dimensions and the dpi. Re-saving things properly over and over again until I finally got my system down correct enough that I’m not saving over a copy that I’ll need later. Trying to judge when to push the publish button because I’m trying to have a story available by a certain day.

And I haven’t even stepped into pod yet. That will come with it’s own learning.

But I’m happy to say that I am on the downward side of the hill now when it comes to e-publishing my work. Very happy to say that.

The past two months have been filled with a lot of work. (Usually frustrating work cause I’m re-doing something for the fifth damn time.) Yet, now I know that the next series I do, or the next novel I publish, I won’t have to deal with all of that. Nope, I’ll find some other thing that I happened to be ignorant about and realize I’ve been messing that up this entire time.

Go figure. That’s life. But if I’d never published anything, whether because I’d been too scared to learn something new, or too worried what people might think of me, I’d never have learned anything at all. You have to actually do things to learn anything in life. 

So despite all the bumps I’ve run into during this first stretch, I’m pleased. Because I know now how to avoid those bumps in the future.

Btw. Learning how to center text in html = epic. Not knowing for over two years = epic fail. Discovering how to do it on the first link in a google search after smashing my head against the desk for an hour = priceless.

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