Halloween Resolution

Originally published on 11.8.09 on blogspot.

I’ve resisted starting a blog for a long time, frankly because I’m well aware of how boring it will be to read. Yet, if you’re reading this, perhaps you are simply that bored. In that case, I might as well bore you properly from now on with a resolution to blog at least with some semblance of normalcy. Don’t ask me why today – I would have to admit to procrastination.

Around April, I finally swallowed my fears and took a huge step by jumping into the submission process instead of hiding my writing in notebooks and hard drives. Rejection hurt, but it wasn’t nearly as big a monster as my mind had made it into, and to be honest, it hasn’t been too bad of a half a year since then.

In the past six months I’ve sold two short stories, two twitter-sized pieces, was held for Sword & Sorceress and just recently made Finalist in the AnthologyBuilder’s Match-That-Artwork Contest.

Long way from pro, but with unlimited ideas, it’ll come eventually.


One response to “Halloween Resolution

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