Held for Abyss & Apex/Four Horsemen Contributor Copy

Received word that a flash piece of mine is being held for further consideration at Abyss & Apex – Yay :)  This is the second time – so I’ve got my fingers crossed.  Plus, I have plenty more flash pieces in the works for the next open period since they’re one of my favorite online magazines – both to read and submit to.  I admit, the second has something to do with how sweet Ms Camille Alexa is in her rejections.

I also received (long enough ago I should have mentioned way before now) my copy of The Four Horsemen.  The smile I had on my face all day after seeing my name in a paperback was probably quite corny, but it was a first for me so I think it was allowable.  I’ve been skipping around reading different stories, so once I finally finish, I’ll put up more complete thoughts.

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