“Of Woven Wood” reprinted in Storyteller Series

One of my very first ever stories to be published, my novelette “Of Woven Wood,” has been reprinted in The Storyteller Series print edition (via Night Shift Media Group). This is the first time this story has been available online to read!

You can read here! :)

“Of Woven Wood” is the story about Lan, a man made of a multitude of baskets, who must determine who killed his creator. It’s a tale of self-discovery and independence and welcoming to all ages.

If you look to the right–> you should be able to see the amazing video illustration that Emily Grandin made for this story!!

Lan and his story hold a special place in my heart, for he was responsible for the first time I heard any positive reinforcement of my writing from other writers. I hope you’ll enjoy his tale and his voice <3

~Marie C.

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