“A Hodgepodge House with Rooms to Spare” published in Dark Recesses Press

My flash story, “A Hodgepodge House with Rooms to Spare,” has been published today in Vol 6, Issue 16 of Dark Recesses Press! You can find a copy to purchase here!

This is one of those stories that anything I say would be too much. It’s one of the tiniest pieces I’ve ever sold, at about 650 words, and features a house with a conglomeration of rooms, many of which stand empty, waiting for inhabitants. It’s a sort of post-apocalyptic tale with small sing-song bits interwoven because one of the characters is a small girl who likes to make up her own songs and sing them loud and often.

The story might be small, but it packs a bit of a punch :)

Thank you to the Dark Recesses Press team. Incredibly glad to be included in this issue!

~Marie C.

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