Not Broken Just Yet

I heard on the radio (and thus it must be true) that 75% of everyone who makes a new year’s resolution breaks it within the first week.  It’s a good thing I heard it too, for I’d been contemplating on Monday whether I’d been an idiot to think I’d be able to get any writing done by the time my son finally fell asleep. 

But I have.  Every day this week, regardless of how droopy my eyelids were or how nice my pillow looked, I stayed up until my 500 words were complete.  It was difficult, but doable, but now I’m seeing a different problem with my resolution. 

500 words is hard during the week, but it’s a breeze on the weekends when I actually have more than two seconds to rub together for myself.  And yet, I still only wrote a little over 500 words last weekend after the holiday.  Basically, I’d told myself 500 and thus I didn’t try for any more.  So I have to make an addendum to my resolution to actually make it difficult, yet achievable, for every day. 

Thus, I still must finish 500 words Monday-Friday, but Sat & Sun the word count better make it to at least 1500.  That way I’m still pushing myself.

So, to recap – yes, I’ve thus far not broken any resolutions :)  We’ll see what the rest of the 365 days will have to test my resolve.

One thought on “Not Broken Just Yet

  1. really enjoyed the bauble story. Hats off to you for being published and for the resolutions! Good luck this year!!

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