Sand-child Published

“Sand-child”, my first professionally published short story, has been sent to all of Daily Science Fiction’s subscribers today.

It will be available to read for free on their webpage a week from now.

You can subscribe to Daily Science Fiction at their site to receive fiction straight to your inbox and can comment on the stories they publish on their facebook page.

6 responses to “Sand-child Published

  1. Just voted seven dragons for Sand-Child. I think it’s the first time I’ve given seven dragons to a story!

  2. I just read Sand-Child and came to find your site. It is beautiful, and elegant. Congratulations.

  3. It was fantastic! Actually brought tears to my eyes at the very end. Incredibly well written, both in plot and in language. I loved it! I’m right there with Arnold–one of the few stories I’ve given a 7 to. :) Thanks for sharing such a great story!

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