4 thoughts on “Sand-child on Daily Science Fiction

  1. Wonderfull! Harkens back to a “Sand & Grass” story I enjoyed so many years ago.
    At some time in the future I would love to read it to the audience I have on our small community supported radio station (wrfr.org) I love to talk science and science fiction and read short stories. (here are archives of my programs http://www.beammeuppodcast.com)

    Thanks for writing such a nice story

    Paul Cole
    WRFR lp/fm Rockland Maine usa

    1. Hi Paul! I haven’t read the story you refer to, but I’m glad mine touched on a good memory for you. It’s wonderful to have people enjoying my work :)

      And I’d love to have you read the story as part of your program. Once my rights revert I’ll get in touch with you.

  2. Hello Marie.

    Read, was very impressed with, and favorably reviewed “Sand-Child” for Diabolical Plots.

    Carl, moreheadalumni yahoo

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